New Festival Screenings for Oksijan

By March 12, 2018 Uncategorized

Glad to report that Oksijan continues its march through the international film festival scene, thanks to the help of our friends at Festival Formula who are handling the insanely complicated submissions process.

Latest screenings include the prestigious 41st Portland International Film Festival, the 6th Nepal International Human Rights Festival and an Award of Excellence at the Accolade Global Film Competition.

So glad that the vitally important story of Ahmad’s fight for survival is being shown around the world – hopefully making people think about what more we can do to help the millions of child refugees like him.

Here’s a place to start – offer whatever help you can to the charities Help Refugees and Meena, both of whom were crucial to the effort to save Ahmad and the 14 other refugees trapped with him inside the refrigerated lorry.

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