“My work tells visceral, gripping stories that highlight our shared humanity and inspire us to believe in the best of ourselves. I seek cinematic images in the bleakest places, humour found in hard times, stories of hope amid horror.”

Edward Watts is an Oscar-nominated, BAFTA and Emmy award-winning filmmaker who has directed twenty-five narrative and documentary films, telling true stories from far flung corners of the world.

His films have won over 50 awards including 4 British Independent Film Awards, 2 Amnesty International awards for Best Human Rights Documentary and the L’Œil d’Or for Best Documentary at the Cannes Film Festival.

More information about Edward’s awards and nominations is available on IMDB

Fragments of Light

My Substack publication

I recently put down my camera, picked up a pen and began a publication on Substack called Fragments of Light

“Seeking a new way to imagine and relate to the sacred,
our greatest hope amid the crisis of our civilization.”